Thermal Camera Applications

Thermal Application Guides

Thermal cameras are perhaps some of the most versatile devices available on the market today. Recent innovations in thermal camera development have made them much affordable to professional surveyors across multiple industries, making it a common sight in such industries as building surveying, electrical, firefighting, law enforcement and many more.


Track moisture and energy efficiency inside domestic and commercial properties using a thermal camera.

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Thermal imagers are a great way to spot problems with overheating electrical components and systems quickly.

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See through smoke filled areas and assess useful information about which parts of the fire are still hot.

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Carry out everything from machinery maintenance to regulating temperature with our industrial cameras.

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Law Enforcement

See through darkness, foliage, weather and other conditions to track criminals using thermal imagers.

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Detect hotspots and rectify problems quickly in mechanical applications by the use of a thermal imager.

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Test animals without causing stress using non-invasive thermal technology. Detect arthritis and more.

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Spot, track and follow wildlife in their natural habitat regardless of lighting, weather and outdoor conditions.

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