Enjoy New Android Experience

Latest Android 11

Runs on pure Android 11 system featuring a concise user interface, both data privacy and using experience are optimized, taking your operating experience and visual enjoyment to a whole new level. It is just the best rugged phone for Android lovers hands-down.

Handle Tough Challenges

IP68/IP69K Protection Grade

Certified to highest IP68/IP69K rating, it can handle 30 minutes of immersion in 1.5 meters of water, 24 hours of submersion in 1 meter of concrete and big drops up to 1.2 meters. It also passed the strict MIL-STD-810G certification, which enables it to survive from multiple tests of temperature & transport shocks, humidity, mold, salt spray corrosion, explosive gas, shooting vibration, etc. No matter how hard the condition is, Armor X9 will protect itself all round and then standby your side to support you.

Your Personal Life Assistant

Toolkit + Professional Sensor

Armor X9 equips versatile practical tools and professional sensors to help you explore further at outdoors. Whatever you need, you can find it all in the phone. With this phone in hand, everything shall be smooth in your adventure.

Withstand High/Low Temperature

-20℃~ 60℃ Working Temperature Range

Armor X9 is made to stand up to extreme temperatures. With a wide operating temperature range of -20℃ to 60℃, it can handle different outdoor environment when you're out in the gelid Arctic or hot Sahara. Perfect for outdoors or those with demanding jobs.

Superior Material, Superb Durability

360° All Protection Design

Adopting soft TPU and aluminium alloy reinforced polycarbonate material, Armor X9 not only has sturdy structure inside but also with solid surface outside, which work together to protect from violent crash, rolling and torsion. Besides, the convex design on four corners and the slant design on back cover prevent dropping damage effectively.

Waterproof Structure and Components

Insulate from Water Immersion

The Armor X9 is carefully designed to achieve IP68 level dust-resistance and water resistance. With compact internal structure, and properly placed waterproof membrane, it’s perfectly sealed off, so no water will get into the internal to cause any damage. And components exposed to the outside world have a high-density macro-molecule coating to make them waterproof.

Custom Your Ideal Shortcut Key

Custom Key

The custom key on the left enables you to set it as a PTT (Push-to-talk) button, enjoy effective and economical communications without a hitch, making your Armor X9 an essential tool for outdoor activities. All you need is just to open the Zello, log in, and then you can stay in touch with others no matter where you are, without distance restriction. Or you can also optionally set the button quick access to voice recording, flashlight, screenshot, underwater camera, SOS emergency call and many other apps can be run with a single press.

Perfect for Extreme Environment

Gloves Mode

The gloves mode allows you to work with the touch screen of your device while wearing the gloves. No need to take off your gloves before using the phone. It not only supports all the touch-screen gloves in the market, also supports some normal cotton gloves within 1.5mm thickness and some leather gloves*. Everything becomes easier.

Convenient Way to Take the Phone

Multiple Accessories Compatible

Considering for portability, you can add waist pack, tactical pack, arm band or bike phone holder for Armor X9 while you are outdoors or cycling. These accessories help you keep the phone with you properly and conveniently.

Capture Splendid Scenery

Dual Rear Camera

Packed with 13MP+2MP dual rear camera, Armor X9 enables you to take stunning photos even below the water. Different modes for your option, the phone also equips dual rear flash to light up your night photos and a face-fronting 5MP camera for face unlocking and selfie.

Bring You Unique Underwater Experience

Underwater Camera

Armor X9 supports new, creative underwater photography, which enables you to conveniently take pictures and video recording underwater, and you can even complete all the operations with single hand. It will easily capture every wonderful moment for you whether you are swimming or diving.

Using Tips:

Pull down the Quick Setting Menu on the top or press the custom key on the left according to your previous setting to activate the underwater camera. While in underwater camera mode, the touch screen will stop working, you can do nothing except taking pictures and video recording. Short press Volume+ Key to take pictures; short press Volume- Key to switch to video mode, and then press Volume- Key again to record; press the custom key to exit. And then you can use the phone normally.

Enjoy More Convenient and Smarter Life

NFC & Google Pay

The NFC function can turn your Armor X9 into your bank card, bus card and door access card, allowing you to take bus/metro, make payments, control access to doors and more by using your phone. It also compatible with Google Pay, a fast, simple way to pay.
*Google Pay Available Country and Region: Czech Republic, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Poland, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Belgium, Russian, Taiwan, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, German, Slovakia, Ukraine.

Increase in Efficiency and Productivity

Split-Screen Function

Working with a split screen is perfect for multi-tasking and productivity purposes, it's a way easier to work on a number of different tasks and get them all done quickly when you can see them side-by-side instead of dipping in and out of them.

Unlocking with Lightning Speed

Face Unlock

Password unlocking? Pattern unlocking? Too dated! Now it’s the face recognition era! A face glimpse, the unique and safer way is right there when you need it.

Broaden Your Vision

5.5-inch 18:9 All Screen

Equipped with 5.5-inch all-screen display with 18:9 aspect ratio, Armor X9 would show more content and wider vision than others when you are reading an article or browsing social media. With excellent ability in reproducing original color, it will bring you vivid and high color saturation.

Power-Efficient Yet Powerful

Octa-core Processor

Powered by 12nm octa-core processor, it enables you to run multitasks, watch movies, and play demanding games without ever slowing down your phone. 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage can fully improve the running speed of apps and store the files, images, music you want, while it also supports 256GB storage expansion card for containing all of what you want.

Always Full of Power

5000mAh Large Battery

5000mAh battery brings long hours of standby time and talk time. It is always ready to serve you in work or journey, allows you having enough time to immerse yourself in phone entertainment. Your leisure time is up to you!

High-Tech Makes Life More Convenient

OTG Function & Reverse Charge

The adoption of OTG allows your phone directly exchange data between different devices without a computer as the host, making your life as effective and efficient as it can be. And it also supports reverse charging if you want to charge other devices in emergency, simplify your life.

Enjoy Your Loved Music

Smart Audio

Ulefone Armor X9 packs Hi-Fi chip with 0.02% ultra-low THD, brings you high quality music enjoyments. High quality and clear sound are always with you in the journey.

Precise, Accurate, Fast


These four satellite navigation systems provide you with more accurate positioning and fast positioning speed, help to know your exact position with greater precision and plan a route to reach your destinations, even in the building surrounded city or faraway mountain area, quite practical for outdoor explorers.

Full Frequency Bands

Dual SIM Dual Standby Dual 4G

More frequency bands supported, Armor X9 guards you to travel all around the world freely. Even in foreign country, you can always stay in touch with your friends and family. Armor X9 also supports dual SIM dual standby, it’s great to carry one device to separate work from personal life or connect to high-speed and stable local network when traveling abroad.
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