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Ulefone uSmart E03

More Possibility, More Playability

For uSmart Expansion Connector

Compatible with more exclusive devices with uSmart Expansion Connector such as Armor 24, Armor 22, Power Armor 19 Series, Power Armor 18 Series, Power Armor 16 Pro, Power Armor 13, Armor 9/9E, Armor Pad Series, the endoscope is easy to install and works smoothly with the device.
Ulefone uSmart E03

Two-way 180°

Steering HD Probe

Two side easy to free flexible bending 180° which allow to take small probes into a small space, then transmit vivid, clear and all-round video and pictures shown on the mobile phone screen through the cable.
Ulefone uSmart E03

Megapixel HD
Probe Lens

Capture live video (MP4) and pictures (JPG) at 1280 x 720 pixels. The 6-ring LED lights greatly enhance the illumination of the detection area.
Ulefone uSmart E03

Adjustable Brightness

The 6-dimmable LED lights camera is able to adjust the brightness of the camera, designed for adapting to complex environmental conditions. By constantly pressing the light button, you can switch to different levels of brightness.
Ulefone uSmart E03

Easy-to-operate Handle

Equipped with a handle featuring physical buttons and a phone holder on top, it is easy to operate the endoscope while simultaneously checking the screen, making it convenient for users to complete inspection tasks.
Ulefone uSmart E03

IP67 Waterproof

The cable and the camera are waterproof to IP67 standard. It is safe to put the endoscope into places with water, such as drain pipe, sewer, toilet, etc.
Ulefone uSmart E03

Semi-rigid Gooseneck Cable

Robust and Flexible

The snake tube allows for free bending while retaining its semi-rigid nature. The 1m semi-rigid gooseneck cable can unroll and roll up quickly, offering a blend of flexibility and rigidity. Moreover, the cable has been enlarged to enhance signal transmission and clearer image quality.
Ulefone uSmart E03

Struggle for narrow visual range?

Endoscope is a practical inspection tool necessary for inspecting or maintenance work, widely used for drain plumber checking, pipe checking, air conditioning detection, small openings viewing, wall circuit detection, home appliance checking, and visual aids.
Ulefone uSmart E03
Ulefone uSmart E03

Exclusive uSmart Camera APP

An exclusive app has been specifically developed for the uSmart series products, offering users straightforward operation and control. This app guides users to perform various functions, including taking photos and videos, reviewing them, adjusting photo angles from 0° to 180°, and selecting different image resolutions. 
Ulefone uSmart E03

Exclusive Carrying Case

A specially designed case is available for the uSmart E03 endoscope and its accessories, ensuring convenient access and easy transportation of the complete tool package.
Ulefone uSmart E03
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