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Ulefone Smart Keyboard

Precisely designed for Ulefone Tab A7

Smart Keyboard Makes Ulefone Tab A7 Not Merely a Tablet

With it, Your Ulefone Tab A7 Will Be Powerful Like a Laptop. Ulefone Smart Keyboard is undoubtedly the perfect match to turn Ulefone Tab A7 into laptop. Simply attach/detach it to your tablet through pogo-pins connection, allowing your office and entertainment needs being switched anytime and anywhere. Turns Tablet into Laptop to Achieve Higher Productivity

Multi-angle Support, Stable No Shifting

Prop it up, Ulefone Smart Keyboard changes angles from 90-180°flexibly, which allows Ulefone Tab A7 always providing the best viewing angle no matter you’re sitting upright, lounging on sofa, etc. You get nothing to worry about shifting thanks to the stable kickstand at the back.

Comfortable Trackpad Built-in

Ulefone Smart Keyboard strives to be streamlined and intelligent, highly sensitive trackpad built-in replaces the hassle of carrying a mouse, simplifies operation steps. Multi-touch gestures enable click and browse fluidly, there is not a fraction of difference when compared with laptops.

Supple Laptop-style Keys

Block designed typing keys offer you comfortable typing experience, the typing sound it produced is like a gentle piano song, your ideas will through fingertips to typing keys and jump on HD screen. Special key structure makes typing like whispering, brings you library-like experience.

Provide All-round Protection to Ulefone Tab A7 Frivolous Feel Conceals Burden

Ulefone Tab A7 will be fully covered by smart keyboard to resist drop and scratches while keeping a slim look and lightweight feel. Close it down to a case to cover your Ulefone Tab A7, let it go forward with your business trip to discard burden!

One Smart Keyboard is Able to Fulfil Your Diverse Needs

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