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Ulefone Armor X8
Ulefone Armor X8
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Ulefone Armor X8
Hi person reading this,

I have two disclaimers to make, I have only been using my new phone for two weeks now and I am upgrading from an old android 4.4.2. HTC 510 Desire.
Over the years as tech has become more advanced and apps have gotten bigger, I have had to give up apps I enjoyed. At the end all I had left were a podcast app and suduko. Now with my new snazzy android 10 phone, I literally have every app I ever had + ones I dreamed about using and playing. This has resulted in me spending waayyy to much time playing sims... My old phone use to crash 3-4 times before I could get my podcast app up and running for work. This phone works like a dream, not only is the memory capacity unbelievable but it is so freaking fast and all the colours are so clear, bright and bold (totally helps that the screen isn't so scraped). When I launch my podcast app it just take a couple of seconds to load and then it drops me into the beautiful menu of all the latest episode. It's just so beautiful, slick and luxurious. People spend 1.5k to buy a name brand products and I just don't get it, I work way to hard to earn my money to throw it away on something that won't last me years. Also I'd like to add that this phone is rugged so it can take the drops that those crap-tacular name brands can't, plus it's waterproof, need I say more?

Thank you,


P.s. I attached two photos, can you guess which is from my old phone and which is from the new? I'd like to mention that that sad plant is a rescue and it is doing much better.

P.p.s. I do miss that on my old phone I was able to change the default font to cursive. This small feature helped me learn to read the handwriting of older folks with ease. Plus nobody else can read my texts so my privacy is guaranteed from friends and family.
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Ulefone Armor X8
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