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Ulefone Armor 3W
Ulefone Armor 3W
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Ulefone Armor 3W
I ordered Armor 3W because of the features it has, mainly I need big battery capacity and this phone has big enough battery capacity for long time off grid use.  First positive experience was that DHL could deliver phone in 3 and half days from Hong Kong to Finland! Taken phone into use could not be easier, all information that I had stored in Cloud service was available immediately. All Apps were also copied and available as in old phone. Email boxes were active at once. During first week I had WiFi and Bluetooth in use 24/7, every day I made WhatsApp and mobile phone calls over 1h a day, heavy WhatsApp and Facebook use, reading emails, sending emails etc and display brightness 100% and still after one week use there was 20% battery left! This all without using any battery saving mode. Next week I will test some battery saving features so I believe that battery life is some days longer. Armor 3W weight is not a problem, I like this more than many light weight slippery phones that I have dropped on floor and somehow after dropping loud speakers have not been in proper condition. Armor 3W if for people who value durability, long battery life and can benefit of its nice features in outdoor life.
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I like this phone a lot
Ulefone Armor 3W
I like this phone a lot. Its way better than my old phone. Best phone I've ever had. I dont think I'm going to upgrade or buy any other phones unless its like this one, or better than this. I can see myself using this phone for the next 10 years easily. Im my opinion this phone looks like its the best on the market right now.
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