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Ulefone Armor X11
Ulefone Armor X11

Uncompromising Ruggedness

Built with an ultra-solid and durable body, Ulefone Power Armor X11 performs in some of the most challenging environments. It meets and surpasses IP68, IP69K and Mil-Spec 810H levels for protection against water, dust, extreme temperatures, as well as shocks from all faces, edges, and corners.
Ulefone Armor X11

Certified By MIL-STD-810G

* Built for users across a range of industries, even in extreme environments.
Ulefone Armor X11 Pro
Low Pressure Test
Pressure: 57kPa | Temperature: 25℃ | Time: 4Hrs
Ulefone Armor X11 Pro
Humidity Test
Humidity: 50%-90% | Temperature: 23-60℃ | Time: 6-8 Hrs
Ulefone Armor X11 Pro
Acidic Atmosphere Test
Temperature: 35℃ | PH Value: 4.17 | Time: 2Hrs spraying/22Hrs storage
Ulefone Armor X11 Pro
Solar Radiation Test
Temperature: 49℃ | Radiation Energy: 1120W/m² | Time: 19Hrs 58mins

Don’t let cracked screens or water damage bring productivity to a halt. This phone is resistant to water, dust, bump, or drop, perfect for rugged outdoorsy lifestyles. Whether you're using it for work on industrial or construction sites or extreme sports such as rock climbing, kayaking and diving, it's ready to go.
Ulefone Armor X11

Robust, Reliable, but Portable Enough

In line with the idea of neatness of Ulefone Armor X series, the new X11 packs a superior level of rugged durability in a slim, lightweight design for all your adventures. At a time when every rugged phone seems to be big and heavy, this phone is so surprisingly modern and compact that it fits easily into your pocket and is comfortable to hold even with one hand.
Ulefone Armor X11

The Power Armor X11 brings a brilliant combination of compact size and long battery life. A larger 8150mAh battery keeps the phone going much longer, delivering up to 4 days of normal use on a single charge. Its 5W reverse charging can be a lifesaver sometimes, to fuel another phone, watch, or earbuds.
Ulefone Armor X11

In the all-screen, 18:9 ratio HD+ (1440 x 720) resolution display with immense details, texts look sharp, images look crisp, and videos look rather vivid and smooth. Watch movies, check messages, or browse through content, you can stay fully immersed in whatever you’re doing.
Ulefone Armor X11

MediaTek Helio A22 features four ARM Cortex-A53 cores and an IMG PowerVR-class GPU inside for consistently reliable performance. It pairs 4GB of RAM, together with 4GB optional virtual RAM and 32GB of internal storage that suit most of the usage scenarios of this phone, as well as supporting a 256GB microSD card for more possibilities.


Arm Cortex-A53


IMG PowerVR GE8300


4GB Virtual RAM


256GB Extendable
*The microSD card needs to be purchased separately if needed. The 4GB virtual memory can be activated in Settings at your will.
Ulefone Armor X11

Capture every adrenaline-fueled moment with dual rear cameras. The 16MP Main Camera powered by Samsung image sensor enables instant auto-focus to capture exciting action, and the Depth Sensor creates stunning Bokeh effects in photos to upgrade your photography game. Plus with great low-light performance and light AI enhancements, the phone takes high quality photographs and video, day or night.
Ulefone Armor X11
Ulefone Armor X11

A huge leap in stability, privacy, and security. With the latest Android 13, you can have more security control over apps and keep your data safe. The pure version gives a clean and pleasant experience that is free of annoying ads or pre-loaded apps.
Ulefone Armor X11

Convenient, hassle-free NFC technology offers a fast and safe way to make payments with Google Pay, to scan public transit cards, and to store and use your loyalty cards, points cards, credit cards and debit cards. Don't have to carry all these physical cards around.
Ulefone Armor X11

The Custom Key on the left side provides a handy physical shortcut. It can be programmed to open different apps or trigger certain functions you need in a hurry, such as Push-to-Talk, Flashlight, Screenshot, Sound Recording, Underwater Camera, and Emergency Call.
Ulefone Armor X11

Gloves don't have to be pulled off. Stay safe and productive with the Power Armor X11’s enhanced touch capabilities, as you’re able to complete work tasks on the device while wearing gloves through enabling the Glove Mode.
Ulefone Armor X11

Just dive in! Explore and capture photos and videos under the water with the Underwater Camera. The fully waterproof device lets you see fishes under the sea, capture crazy scenes of white-water rafting, or shoot in the worst weather.
Ulefone Armor X11

No more carrying a heavy toolbox. Ulefone Power Armor X11 is preloaded with a thoughtful array of tools, which can provide useful information for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, including Compass, Gradienter, Protractor, Plumb Bob, Height Meter, Flashlight, Magnifier, Alarm Bell, and Hanging Painting.
Ulefone Armor X11

Whether you’re out working in field, exploring outdoors, or journeying through the forest, the phone will always have your back and guide you to your destination, thanks to its rugged reliability and multiple navigation options (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou) that offers great location accuracy and wide coverage worldwide.
Ulefone Armor X11

Enjoy your camping trip with peace of mind. The built-in FM radio is the best travel companion, keeping you informed of the latest weather alerts and entertained with online music, shows and news without connecting headphones. Powered by the phone's massive battery, it ensures great playback time and makes an ideal alternative to old traditional FM radios.
Ulefone Armor X11
Ulefone Armor X11
Enhanced Dual 4G VoLTE allows you to make HD voice and video calls from either SIM, while at the same time delivering stronger signal, more reliable coverage, and lower power consumption.
Ulefone Armor X11
Dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) provides two separate Wi-Fi networks, each on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands giving more flexibility and less interference especially for video and gaming.

Adding to the Portability

The exclusive Armor Case for Ulefone Power Armor X11 is made from rigid plastic to provide extra protection for the back and corners and, more excitingly, it comes with a heavy duty carabiner and a belt clip, so you can attach the phone to backpacks or belts for ease of access when adventuring outdoors.
*The Ulefone Armor Case is sold separately.
Ulefone Armor X11
Ulefone Armor X11


1. Power Armor X11 is splash, water, and dust resistant and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes). Charger and accessories are not water-resistant. Splash, water and dust resistance are not permanent and might decrease as a result of normal wear. Do not attempt to charge a wet Power Armor X11. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.

2. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application-usage patterns. Results may vary.

3. 5.45 inches is the diagonal length of the display when the four square corners are taken to be pointed corners.

4. The actual available RAM and storage are less than the listed total capacity due to the occupied storage of the operating system and software pre-installed in the device.

5. The microSD card is not included, and needs to be purchased separately. It is recommended to use Class 10 memory cards, other types of memory cards are not guaranteed to be fully compatible.

6. The depth sensor can only be used as a photography assistant to improve the photo effect, and needs to be used with other cameras for imaging.

7. The camera software functions are subject to the actual presence, some of functions and names may vary depending on the software version.

8.Supports Google Pay, and you should download Google Pay to use it, available countries and regions please refer to

9. The Custom Key and its ability to quickly access different functions work only when the phone screen is unlocked.

10. In the Glove Mode, the material, texture, and thickness of the glove as well as how it fits your hand will impact performance. Individual results may vary.

11. The preloaded tool apps vary according to the software updates, subject to the actual tool apps installed in the device you receive.

12. Dual 4G SIM requires the support of local telecom operator services, it may not be available in all regions.

13. Whether you can use VoLTE depends on the local carriers, not all of them support this function.

14. The mentioned Armor Case and its carabiner and belt clip attachments come as a set, but not included. It needs to be purchased separately if needed.

15. The product, accessories, and package may vary in different markets. Pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual products.

16. Power Armor X11 has waterproof plugs for its charging port and audio jack, please tightly put the plugs into the holes before you put the device into water.

17. Product size and weight may vary by configuration, manufacturing process and measurements. All specifications are subject to the actual product.

18. The battery is non-removable, removing it may cause damage to the device.

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