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Ulefone Power Armor 14 Ulefone Power Armor 14

10000mAh Battery Beast

The huge 10000mAh battery inside absolutely can satisfy your demand for more power, you are able to rely on it to free yourself from countless charging and drive away your battery anxiety. Moreover, 18W wired fast charging and 15W wireless charging supported are ready to give the battery a boost!
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Rugged and Charm Continues

As a fashion pioneer, Power Armor 14 abandons the clumsy feeling of ordinary rugged phones, black and gray color matching design together with two partial highlight "U" arcs fulls of unique charm and levels up the hand grip feel.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

360° All Round Protection

Military-Grade Manufacturing Process

Soft TPU wrapping around the upper and lower corners plays a good role in drop resistance protection. The back cover and the screen are naturally connected by the peripheral hard plastic, which not only makes the phone look more beautiful, but also protects the phone screen to some extent.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

New Level of Ruggedness

A Truly Rugged Phone

When facing with extremely harsh environment, you need a truly rugged phone to follow your step. It has passed IP68/IP69K protection grade and certificated by MIL-STD-810G military standard, can resist high and low temperature, definitely tough enough to withstand water, dust, and sudden drop.
Ulefone Power Armor 14
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Certified By MIL-STD-810G

* Built for A Wide User Working in Various industries, Even Under Extreme Environment
Ulefone Power Armor 14
Low Pressure Test
Pressure: 57kPa | Temperature: 25℃ | Time: 4Hrs
Ulefone Power Armor 14
Humidity Test
Humidity: 50%-90% | Temperature: 23-60℃ | Time: 6-8 Hrs
Ulefone Power Armor 14
Acidic Atmosphere Test
Temperature: 35℃ | PH Value: 4.17 | Time: 2Hrs spraying/22Hrs storage
Ulefone Power Armor 14
Solar Radiation Test
Temperature: 49℃ | Radiation Energy: 1120W/m² | Time: 19Hrs 58mins

Go With Your Heart! Boating, Diving, Working , Snorkeling...

Ulefone Power Armor 14

Guard Against All Damages

Solid & Waterproof Structure

We have done many endeavors to ensure that the phone has excellent waterproofness. The charging port and the earphone jack are covered with waterproof stopper, while the speaker and the receiver are waterproof. Power Armor 14 can speak loud that not even a single drop of water, a grain of sand and a speck of dust can get into the phone, no drops and shocks can cause damage to it.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Both for Protection and Convenience

Customized Protective Case

The specially designed multifunctional protective case including a 180° rotatable back clip and a carabiner attachment not only can tolerate daily damages, but also can provide you more portability when adventuring outdoors. The hole in the phone side for sling won't be covered even with the protective case thanks to the precise cutouts.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Goes Well with Other Accessories

Plus, considering for more portability, you can add a sling, or a bicycle phone holder and etc. for your convenience.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Loud Sound Without Earphone

Headset-free FM Radio

In order to maximize the experience of headset-free FM radio listening, Power Armor 14 has optimized the speaker volume to a new level, which can deliver you soundbar-like effect. No need to plug earphone, you and your fellows can listen to sonorous music that is like the music played in party.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

One Key Works Enough

Custom Key

Designed with a custom key that can be programmed to 6 different function shortcuts or quickly start any other app you preset. It is configured to activate the Push-to-Talk app (Zello) by default with a long press. You can enjoy efficient and cost-effective communications without any problems in the help of this button.
Ulefone Power Armor 14
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Simplify Difficult Tasks

Digital Toolbox

Want to decorate your kids room into a gallery but can't keep a picture hanging level? Take it easy, the digital toolbox including many practical gadgets is able to help you. Find the "Hanging painting" app to calibrate horizontally and vertically, it is easy to help you create a perfect gallery wall, a big thumb up you will receive.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Make Families Use Phone Healthily

Easy Launcher & Children Space

In easy launcher mode, the interface is simpler, the word is large and clear enough, elders can use the phone effortlessly, while the children space can limit the usage time, mobile data and apps, no need to worry that kids will indulge in games, protect their eyes as well.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Hyperfast Performance

MediaTek Helio G35 Processor

Inside the MediaTek Helio G35 is a fast octa-core Arm Cortex-A53 CPU with peak speeds of 2.3GHz. Coupled with 4GB RAM, which allows you to perform multi-task smoothly and fluently without impediment, while the 64GB internal storage makes all your memorable photos and videos saved forever. You also can bump extra memory with a 1TB TF card*.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Broad View Delivers Immersive Feel

6.52-inch Waterdrop Screen

See beyond the horizon, explore the unknown on the large 6.52-inch waterdrop screen. Every photo, every frame of videos, films and games that slowly swipes on the screen can offer you incredible visual immersion. High screen-to-body ratio gives you an incredible visual experience every time you unlock your phone.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Extraordinary Photography Capability

20MP Main Rear Camera

The main rear camera, with stunning 20MP pixels, faithfully captures every focus with vibrant details so that photos are remaining clear even after vigorous zooming. See and experience life with new eyes, record your treasured memories forever.
Ulefone Power Armor 14
Ulefone Power Armor 14

AI Scene Recognition, Capture World Cleverly

With the support of AI technology, the Power Armor 14 is so smartly that can be your "Photography Counselor", it can intelligently identify multiple scenes and automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and more to help you effortlessly shoot photos that have great stories.
Ulefone Power Armor 14
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Remember Wonderful Underwater Experience

Underwater Photography

Since the phone is totally watertightness, you can carry it when you’re swimming or snorkeling. When meeting a wonderful underwater scenery, quickly open the creative underwater camera mode to get masterfully photos and videos.

Get Closer, See Greater

2MP Macro Lens

The 2MP macro lens allows you to render tiny objects with incredible details just 4cm away, presenting you a great way to discover the beauty of the tiny world, all visual wonders will be shown precisely under the macro lens.
Ulefone Power Armor 14
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Capture Your Brilliance

16MP Front Camera

The terrific front selfie camera with Sony IMX481 CMOS image sensor always shows your best side, with various different photo filters, it’s capable of capturing the most attractive moment of you in different styles, the taken photos are far beyond your expectation.

Dual 4G Dual VoLTE

Wide Global 4G Frequency Bands

The Power Armor 14 is a true global phone and has a wide range of 4G frequency bands, offering you incredible global 4G network performance. Dual 4G Dual VoLTE lets you have stable 4G Internet connection and make HD calls from either SIM.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

Enjoy New Android Experience

Latest Android 11

Runs pure Android 11 system featuring a concise user interface, both data privacy and using experience are optimized, taking your operating experience and visual enjoyment to a whole new level. It is just the best rugged phone for Android lovers hands-down.
Ulefone Power Armor 14

More Functions, More Convenience

Ulefone Power Armor 14
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