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Endless Efforts to Build The Invincible Phone

Power Armor 13 possessing IP68/IP69K is resistant to be submerged in a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes and to be buried into 1m concrete deep for 24 hours without damage. Drop from 1.2m high test without causing impact to phone’s appearance and performance also proves its ruggedness. Power Armor 13 is undefeated and will never yield to any difficult conditions or unpredictable environments.

Certified By MIL-STD-810G

* Built for A Wide User Working in Various industries, Even Under Extreme Environment
Low Pressure Test
Pressure: 57kPa | Temperature: 25℃ | Time: 4Hrs
Humidity Test
Humidity: 50%-90% | Temperature: 23-60℃ | Time: 6-8 Hrs
Acidic Atmosphere Test
Temperature: 35℃ | PH Value: 4.17 Time: 2Hrs spraying/22Hrs storage
Solar Radiation Test
Temperature: 49℃ | Radiation Energy: 1120W/m² Time: 19Hrs 58mins

High-End Craftsmanship Ensures Overall Protection

The advanced sealing technology and solid structure make the Power Armor 13 not just satisfied with slight waterproofing, waterproof stoppers and military grade production technology are dedicated to providing strengthened resistance to thoroughly water soaking, straight falling down and tolerate dust covered surroundings.

Exclusive Accessories, Perfect Match

Plus, considering for more portability, you can add a back clip, bicycle phone holder and etc. for your convenience. You also can use with endoscope to peek into any hard-to-see areas, while a night vision camera lets you capture clear and vivid photos even in low light condition.
*Note: The above accessories are not included in the package, please purchase them separately.
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