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Ulefone Armor X10 Pro Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Duplicate X Element Design

Move on with Exploration

Right on the back and the side of the Armor X10 Pro appears X alike logos, they are an inheritance of the X element design. And it is a symbol of Ulefone's pursue for exploration, technology and future. Everything is possible and go on to explore the unknown is what exactly Ulefone keen on.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Slimmer and Lighter

Ease in Your Palm

Featured with fashionable and temperament appearance, Armor X10 Pro lies in your palm with slim body. It offers you more comfortable and exquisite touch feeling. No matter to be put in the pocket or carried around, it makes you easy and convenient to use. Compared to the previous rugged phone, it succeed in keeping its ruggedness and exterior of fashion and thinness.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Dual 1216 Super-linear Speakers

Immersive Sound Quality

Dual speakers can simulate stereo sound in real scenes. Armor X10 Pro adopts dual 1216 super-linear speakers, which is equipped with 1.6cc equivalent large sound cavity, 7 magnets sound unit, up to 0.85mm sound amplitude. Thus you may immerse yourself in wonderful sound when listening to music.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

100dB Sound Loudness

Sound Volume Advancer

Symmetrically aligned for a precise and power-packed audio experience, the speakers are featured with 100dB loudness and 15 levels whole-scene fine-tuning. Whenever you are in outdoor or noisy environment, you are able to listen clearly. Just rely on it to enjoy its wonderful acoustic system.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Headset-Free FM Radio

A Feast for the Ears

Needless to plug in headphone to play FM radio? The answer is "Yes". You are supposed to listen to FM radio just by its wireless FM function. Thanks to the 100dB loudness dual speakers, your auditory sense would be healed every morning and night. If there is any emergencies, it become a helpful public broadcasting tool to connect with the outside.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

20MP Dual Rear Camera

Snap beyond Imagination

Every treasure moment deserves to be recorded. Installed with 20MP Sony main rear camera, you would be surprised to find the pictures you take are really bright and clear. Details can be seen from the photos. There are automatic filter to beautify portraits, scenes, etc. under the camera.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Night Mode

The Heart has been Far without Moving

When the ambient light of the scene is insufficient, the night mode would do you a favor to shoot brighter and much more vivid. Photographing at night would become easier by taking full advantage of AI engine under the night mode. And dark environment would never be a difficult factor for photography.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Underwater Photography

Explore Wonders Under Water

The waterproof Armor X10 Pro is strong enough to dive into the water to record your relaxed time in water. What you should do is just enjoy the underwater adventures without worrying about the phone to be damaged. Let underwater camera mode to be your private photographer while snorkeling, swimming and so on.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

5MP Front Camera

Take A Sunshine Selfie

The front camera is often used for selfies, making video calls or doing live webcast. With 5MP configuration, you are going to get brilliant selfies and see yourself clearly by the front camera. Its intelligent beauty mode enable you to shoot stunning selfies.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

IP68/IP69K Proof

A Brave and Bold Soldier

IP68/IP69K rated and MIL-STD-810G certification give Armor X10 Pro escort. He is strongly against water, dust and sudden shock. What a trustworthy outdoor friend for his excellent performance in waterproofness, durability and ruggedness. Even in harsh environment, he succeed in surviving sound and safe.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro Ulefone Armor X10 Pro
You are totally rest assured to bring the phone with you for various outdoor activities like camping, climbing, surfing, working, etc.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Sturdy Sealed Construction

Safeguard for Every Corner

Great efforts have been done to ensure the durability of this rugged phone. Armor X10 Pro is proved to be waterproof, shock-poof and dust-proof, which is designed with large TPU back cover and compact internal structure. There is sealing plug to block out a drop of water, a grain of sand and dust into the phone. It can endure sudden drop from 1.5M.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Customized Protective Case

Extra Multi-Use Guardian

The protective case is customized to satisfy your various needs, which can further protect the phone from scratch, sharp dropping, etc. It comes with a 180 degree rotatable back clip and one carabiner to be attached to free your hands.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Custom Key

A Shortcut to Access Applications

The custom key is designed on its left side. On the settings, you are allowed to set for easy shuttle and start applications by single click, double click and long press. With easy shuttle of starting recording, opening flash light, doing screen shot, opening SOS and Zello(PTT), you can go straight to use them. Even you can get access to underwater camera by a single click.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Gloves Mode

Touch Like in the Cloud

Sometimes it is troublesome to put on and take off the gloves back and forth. The gloves mode would help you a lot, your fingers still can get accurate and quick response when initiate the mode. You are allowed to make phone calls, dial numbers, tap the applications and do any other operations on the screen with the gloves.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Digital Toolkit

Multipurpose Assistant

A more practical rugged phone would be more popular than an ordinary one. Thus digital toolkit is added to the phone to satisfy your various requirement in daily life. As for outdoor lovers, Compass, Alarm Bell, Flashlight help them a lot while Hanging Painting and Gradientor are fit for daily use. Plumb bob, Protractor and Height Meter are especially good for those who work as engineer.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

5.45-inch 18:9 All Screen

Unlimited Vision, Vast Display

5.45-inch all screen design makes you have broad viewing experience. 18:9 aspect ratio is golden proportion to offer you the most comfortable impressions. 720 x 1440 HD+display enable you to watch videos, movies, and play games more leisurely. You won't be tired even after staring at the screen too long.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Octa-core 2.0GHz Processor

Run in Outstanding Manner

As the heart of the phone, the processor of Armor X10 Pro uses MediaTek Helio P22 processor. With 8 cores CPU and 2.0GHz main frequency, its core is double and the performance increase by 21% compared to the Armor X10. No matter for information processing or applications operation, it performs well and there is no worries for any delay. And its internal storage rise up to 64GB , which has been doubled to offer you more storage to reserve pictures and videos.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

5180mAh Robust Battery

Sufficient Power Nourishment

Built in 5180mAh robust battery, Armor X10 Pro works nonstop for a whole day. It is time to say "good bye" to restless re-charging. Just take your time to play games, watch movies, making calls, chatting online, surfing the internet, etc. Its OTG function can serve as a power bank to refuel other devices like phones, headphones, speakers, etc., which turn PC-less data transmission into reality.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Multifunctional NFC

Touchless Mobile Payment

Supporting NFC function, Armor X10 Pro makes cash-free mobile payment everywhere. You no longer need to bring cash and cards with you but just add the card number to your Google Pay account to pay via your phone. You life would become easier with other NFC functions like open doors, take a bus, and so on.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Navigation System

GPS | GLONASS | Galileo | BeiDou | Compass

Confused with the direction sometimes and embarrassed to ask for people? You may rely on the satellite positioning systems to help you figure it out. Armor X10 Pro provides more options for you to guide you to the right direction.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

17 LTE Bands, Global Networks

More Option, Closer Connection

Supporting wide global frequency bands(up to 17 bands), this rugged phone keeps you connected to others and free to travel the world. Dual 4G Dual VoLTE* is supported to serve you for better HD voice calls, fast 4G LTE network from either SIM card. 
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Face Unlock

Instant Login to Icons

It looks really cool that Armor X10 Pro supports to unlock just by looking to the screen for less than a second. And instantaneous recognition comes true with simple settings. It keeps your private information safe and make it much more convenient to use the phone.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

Android 12 OS

Superior Operating System

Powered by Android 12, the phone runs more smoothly and steadily. And its security privacy has been improved, your information become more safer. It makes you easy to view important information and manage conversations. What's more, more features have been added to optimize this OS system.
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro
Ulefone Armor X10 Pro Ulefone Armor X10 Pro Ulefone Armor X10 Pro

1. 5180mAh is typical value, the battery rated capacity is 4800mAh. The battery is non-removable, removing it may cause damage to the device.

2. Product size and weight may vary by configuration, manufacturing process and measurements. All specifications are subject to the actual product.

3. Armor X10 Pro is splash, water, and dust resistant and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes). Charger and accessories are not water-resistant. Splash, water and dust resistance are not permanent and might decrease as a result of normal wear. Do not attempt to charge a wet Armor X10 Pro. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.

4. Armor X10 Pro has waterproof plugs for its charging port and audio jack, please tightly put the plugs into the holes before you put a Armor X10 Pro into water.

5. The Custom Key and its ability to quickly access different functions work only when the phone screen is unlocked.

6. The actual available RAM and storage are less than the listed total capacity due to the occupied storage of the operating system and software pre-installed in the device.

7. The micro SD card is not included, and need to be purchased separately. It is recommended to use Class 10 memory cards, other types of memory cards are not guaranteed to be fully compatible.

8. 5.45 inches is the diagonal length of the display when the four rounded corners are taken to be pointed corners, the actual viewable area is slightly smaller.

9. The resolution is measured as a standard rectangle with a rounded corners design, the effective pixels are slightly less.

10. The camera software functions are subject to the actual presence, some of functions and names may vary depending on the software version.

11. The actual photo and video resolution may vary depending on the shooting mode.

12. NFC and Google Pay is supported, and you are suggested to download Google Pay to use it; the available countries and regions are for your reference:

13. The product, accessories, and package may vary in different markets. Pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual products.

14. The protective case mentioned above, including a back clip and a carabiner are in one set, but not included, you need to purchase separately.

15. Due to the difference of material and thickness, some leather gloves may be incompatible.

16. Dual 4G SIM requires the support of local telecom operator services, it may not be available in all regions.

17. Whether you can use VoLTE depends on the local carriers, please note that not all of your local carriers support this function.

18. The NFC payment works by Google Pay, please refer to the official instructions of Google Pay for available countries and regions. Other NFC functions are only for illustration, and they should work with a specific app or cooperate with a specific product.

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