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Armor Mount Pro

Universal Handlebar Phone Mount

Armor Mount Pro
Armor Mount Pro

All-Purpose Phone Mount

Armor Mount Pro AM01 is universal for almost all Ulefone phones and 99% phones on the market.
Armor Mount Pro

Compatible for 5.4"-7.2" Phones

Armor Mount Pro AM01 is widely applicable for phones of 5.4 inches to 7.2 inches in diagonal, including phone case*.

Its width and length can be shorten or stretched simply by the adjustment of side clamps*.

*5.4 inches and 7.2 inches refers to the diagonal length of the phone with case, not the screen size. The compatible model with case should be within a max length of 190mm/7.48", max width of 88mm/3.46" and max thickness of 18.5mm/0.72".

*Specific steps of the adjustment of the width and length refer to the product manual.

Armor Mount Pro

Universal for Vehicles with Handlebar

Armor Mount Pro is customized fit to most vehicles' handlebar such as bikes, motorcycles, scooters, E-motorcycles.
Armor Mount Pro


Armor Mount Pro
Armor Mount Pro
Armor Mount Pro
Armor Mount Pro
*The package comes with 2 soft rubber inserts and a 8cm anti-slip tape.
The bare handlebar base is 1.26" in diameter, which can be embedded or removed with a 0.87" or a 1" rubber ring to accommodate to the handlebar size. There is also an 8cm (3.15") anti-slip tape for a snug fit and mounting surface protection. Widely adapted to handlebars within the adjustable diameters.
Armor Mount Pro

360° Rotate for Random Angle

With the multifunctional double socket arm base, the ball joint allows 360° rotation in horizontal for any angle. Either placing your phone vertically, in sideways or set it at any angle, one bracket meets all your demands.
Armor Mount Pro

Innovative Anti-theft Base

The double socket arm base is featured with a special theft resistant screw. Once the screw is tightened, the bracket can not be disassembled while the angle can be adjusted by loosening the knob only.
*Only the anti-theft special wrench can be used to disassembled the bracket if needed.
Armor Mount Pro

High-Speed Safety Lock

Thanks to the safety lock, the phone always stay in put even in high-speed driving. Stacked with upgraded buffering TPU cushion on the eight claws, the phone is firmly held in the bracket, making it in fully secure fit without vibration.
*After placing the phone, please lock the knob. Release the knob before removing the phone.
Armor Mount Pro

Triple Vibration Damper Design

Off-road Grade Anti Shake

Equipped with 4 shock absorbing modules, together with the cushion and rod damper, zero shocks and zero noise while driving on a bumpy road or in high speed. Handle speed bumps, mountant roads or potholes road with ease.

Easily handle various road sections

Armor Mount Pro
Armor Mount Pro

Uncovered Cameras, Tender Care

Leave the camera part alone, prevent friction to the cameras, it allows shooting with the mount. Even the push and pull of the extension rod will do no harm to the camera.
Armor Mount Pro

Only 3 Steps to Mount to Handlebar

Armor Mount Pro
Armor Mount Pro

What's In The Box

1 x Phone Holder Main Body with Vibration Dampener
1 x Double Socket Arm
1 x Anti-theft Screw
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Handlebar Ball Base
1 x 8cm Anti-slip Tape
2 x Soft Rubber Ring Insert
2 x Special Wrench
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