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Does the antenna use a SMA connection (if i wanted to connect a different antenna)?
Standard SMA connection used by Armor 3WT. It is not recommended to use other antennas, problems such as shorter intercom distance may occur.
Feb 18, 2020
Wy is my 32GB inserted SD-Card not shown in Explorer when I Connect my Armor3 to my Win7-Laptop?
1. If the computer cannot recognize the USB, neither the phone memory nor the phone memory can be recognized. 2. After the SD card is set as internal storage, 2 storages will be displayed on the mobile phone, but a removable disk will be displayed on the computer.
Feb 18, 2020
Does the walkie talkie antenna twist or come off at all if needed??
Can't be twisted, but it can be freely installed and removed.
Feb 02, 2020
I want to buy the Ulefone Armor 3WT, the one that has the walkie talkie, will it work on 5G ?
Armor 3WT don't support 5G.
Feb 02, 2020
Does it have VoIP and does it work with T-mobile confirmed? What antenna socket is it?
VoIP is not supported, it can work with T-mobile. The antenna is a standard SMA specification.
Feb 18, 2020
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